Heantos Worldwide

About Our Founder

Hello my name is Meredith or Meri for short!
This is actually a little something I posted somewhere else on FB recently but I also thought it may be beneficial here and I will be putting something more substantial together about me soon. 

I spent a lot of my life as a heroin addict in the US. I worked in the party industry with mega millionaires 💰 💰 and many celebrities!
I’ve also spent time in some of the most dangerous places and situations you could imagine.
I exhausted all my resources, strength and hope trying every western treatment out there....

I have traveled to many countries (40+) all over the world in search of “Healing”. Little did I know that the healing I so desperately needed I had to find in myself. That no one could ever just wave a magic wand and heal me. 

My path has been extremely hard yet so rewarding. I have had to do a ton of work on myself and continue my own studies and practices everyday.

My main area of work and focus is to work with people who are currently suffering.

I have worked extensively with plant medicines as well as many other healing modalities out there.

I have studied both the Vedic and Taoist systems.

I work with traditional Hmong Herbs 🌿 to help people with opiate dependency. (HEANTOS) 

I am interested in connecting with people to speak about holistic healing modalities as well as plant medicines pertaining to addiction or in any other area you are interested.


And of course Im always interested in hearing about TRAVEL and the HEALING JOURNEYS many of you are already on.

There are a ton of work international work exchange options out there. There truly is something for everyone. 

I just want to see people LIVE! 

Lets collectively evolve and thrive. 

Let me know if you every have any questions!! 😉 💕 🙏

Check out my personal page About Meri  (a work in progress).